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Automatische koffiemachine Classici CMS4303X

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Automatische koffiemachine
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Compact appliances with a height of 45 cm - perfect solution to meet the functional requirements of kitchen sets of small height. Available in several types and in different styles.
Product familie: Automatische koffiemachine
Type: Automatisch
Categorie: 45 cm
EAN-code: 8017709264390


Kleur: Inox
Afwerking: Fingerproof
Design: Classici
Type staal: Geborsteld inox
Type glas: Eclipse zwart glas

Programma's / Functies

Descaling function: Is essential to remove excess deposits of limestone in the tank and allow the proper operation of the product. The need to perform this operation is signaled by the product itself. Rinsing: There in an automatic rinsing with hot water when the coffee machine is switched on. Three levels adjustable coffee temperature to taste the coffee on the temperature desired. The machine guarantees to create different drinks: espresso, coffee, long, 2 x espresso, espresso macchiato, americano, cappuccino, cappuccino mix, caffelatte, latte macchiato, hot milk, flat white, hot water. Types of coffee: You can prepare the following types of coffee: Ristretto-Corto (small portion) /Normale (medium portion) / Lungo (large portion) Hot water: Coffee machine can make hot water for tea or other hot drinks The double coffee function makes possible to prepare two espresso at the same time with just one infusion cycle. Ground coffee: You can use ground coffee or coffee beans in the coffee machine with the possibility to adjust the coarseness of grind. 5 levels adjustable coffee intensity. This function makes possible to adjust the quantity of beans grounded in any infusion cycle. 13 levels adjustable grinder. The milk floth is adjustable through the thermal carafe knob. Automatic switch on: It is possible to program automatic switch on of the machine to make it ready for use by the required time. Five levels adjustable coffee length: espresso, normal, long, extra long and Americano.
Aantal type bereidingen: 13
Voorverwarmen: Ja
Functie 1 koffie: Ja
Functie dubbele koffie: Ja
Automatische Cappuccino maker met melkreservoir: Ja
Heet water functie voor thee of andere: Ja
Optie gemalen koffie: Ja
Aanpasbare intensiteit koffie: 5 niveaus
Aanpasbare grootte koffie: 5 niveaus
Aanpasbaar Cappuccino melkschuim: 3 niveaus
Automatisch ontkalken: Ja
Automatisch spoelen: Automatisch spoelen bij elke aan- en uitschakeling
Programmeerbare automatische aan/uit functie: Ja
Aanpasbare koffietemperatuur: 3 niveaus
Aanpasbare koffiemaler: Ja, 13 niveaus
Signaal water tekort: Ja
Water hardheid: Ja
Kinderbeveiliging: Ja
Demo functie: Ja


Touch controls: Easy to use touch controls allow the appliance to be programmed at the touch of a button.
Display: Touch bediening grafisch kleurendisplay
Type bediening: Touch bediening
Aantal bedieningsknoppen: 2
Kleur bedieningsknoppen: Inox look

Technische specificaties

Stainless steel thermal carafe. It guarantees to maintain longer the milk fresh. Fitted with an auto-clean system and a knob to adjust the milk froth, it can be washed in the dishwasher. Ground coffee: You can use ground coffee or coffee beans in the coffee machine with the possibility to adjust the coarseness of grind. Coffee beans: You can use coffee beans in the coffee machine with the possibility to adjust the coarseness of grind. Conical stainless steel coffee grinder. Integrated cup warmer. Semiprofessional steamer with a dedicated heating element to manage the steam outlet. Suitable for recipes such as hot chocolate, punch, bombardino, vin brulé. Frontal approach: it possible to reach every point in the machine and extract any components with a single hand use.
Koffie maler: Semiprofessionele inox konische molen
Compartiment gemalen koffie: Ja
Uitneembaar waterreservoir: Ja
Compartiment gemalen koffie: Ja
Koffie-uitloop aanpasbaar in hoogte: Ja, 85-142 mm
Afvalbakje verwerkte koffie: Ja (14 enkele koffies, 7 dubbele koffies)
Afdruipbakje: Ja
Stoom dispenser: Ja
Thermische karaf: Inox 0,5 l met AutoClean systeem
Warmte systeem: Thermoblock + stomer
Uitneembaar melkreservoir: Ja
Kopjes houder: Ja, verwarmd
Druk: 15 bar
Volume waterreservoir: 2.40 l
Capaciteit gemalen koffie compartiment: 350 g
Indicatoren (lampjes): 4
Type lamp: LED
Installatie: Op telescopische geleiders met zachte sluiting
Frontale opening: Ja

Elektrische aansluiting

Nominale aansluitwaarde: 1350 W
Spanning (V): 220-240 V
Frequentie: 50-60 Hz
Lengte voedingskabel: 180 cm

Logistieke informatie

Afmetingen van het product hxbxd (mm): 455x595x470
Breedte product (mm): 595 mm
Diepte product (mm): 470 mm
Netto gewicht (kg): 20.000 kg
Bruto gewicht (kg): 29.000 kg
Hoogte: 455 mm

Technische fiche

Technische fiche