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Oven Dolce Stil Novo SO6606APNR

Product familie
Dolce Stil Novo
60 cm
Stoom technologie
Vapor Clean reiniging
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???COOKING_TYPE1_Multitech_72dpi??? Vapor Clean: a simple cleaning function using steam to loosen deposits in the oven cavity. Electric
Product familie: Oven
Categorie: 60 cm
Hoeveelheid stoom: 20 - 100%
Bereidingsmethode: Multitech
Stoom technologie: Omnichef
Vitality system: Ja
Stroomvoorziening: Elektrisch
EAN-code: 8017709320782
Reingingssysteem: Vapor Clean reiniging


Kleur: Zwart
Afwerking: Glanzend
Design: Dolce Stil Novo
Afwerking componenten: Koper afwerking
Materiaal: Glas
Type glas: Eclipse zwart glas
Deur: Geheel glas
Handvat: Dolce Stil Novo
Kleur handvat: Zwart

Programma's / Functies

Aantal kookfuncties: 26
Automatische programma's: 150
Levels stoompulsen: 3 + manual
Individualiseerbare recepten: 10
Bereidingsfuncties met microgolven: Twintech/ Multitech
Traditionele bereidingsfuncties
  • Upper and lower element only: a traditional cooking method best suited for single items located in the centre of the oven. the top pf the oven will always be hottest. Ideal for roast, fruit cakes, bread etc. Statisch
  • Fan with upper and lower elements: The elements combined with the fan aim to provide more uniform heat, a similar method to conventional cooking, so pre-heat is required. Most suitable for items requiring slow cooking methods. Statisch + ventilator
  • Circulaire:  The combination of the fan and circular element around it gives a hot air cooking method. This provides many benefits including no preheat if cook time is more than 20 minutes, no flavour transfer when cooking different foods at the same time, less energy, and shorter cook times. Good for all types of food. Circulatie (ventilator + circulaire)
  • Circulaire with upper and lower elements: The use of the fan with both elements allows food to be cooked quickly and effectively, ideal for large joints that require thorough cooking. It offers a similar result to rotisserie, moving the heat around the food, instead of moving the food itself, enabling any size or shape to be cooked. Turbo: ventilator + circulaire + statisch
  • ECO: The combination of the grill, fan and lower element is particularly suitable for cooking small quantities of food. ECO
  • Grill element: Using of grill gives excellent results when cooking meat of medium and small portions, especially when combined with a rotisserie (where possible). Also ideal for cooking sausages and bacon. Grote grill
  • Fan with grill element: The fan reduces the fierce heat from the grill, providing an excellent method of grilling various foods, chops, steaks, sausages etc. giving even browning and heat distribution, without drying out the food. The top two levels recommended for use, and the lower part of the oven can be used to keep items warm at the same time, an excellent facility when cooking a grilled breakfast. Half grill (centre portion only) is ideal for small quantities of food. Ventilator + grote grill
  • Lower heating element only: This function is ideal for foods that require extra base temperature without browning, e.g. pastry dishes, pizza. Also suitable for slow cooking of stews and casseroles. Onderwarmte
  • Circulaire with lower element: The addition of the lower element adds extra heat at the base for food which requires extra cooking. Circulaire + onderwarmte
  • Pizza function: The simultaneous operation of three elements ensures an optimum cooking facility when usedwith the Smeg pizza stone. Pizza
Functies met stoompulsen
  • Statisch + ventilator met stoompulsen
  • Circulaire + stoompulsen
  • Circulaire + onderwarmte + stoompulsen
  • Turbo + stoompulsen
  • Ventilator + grill + stoompulsen
Bereidingsfuncties met stoom
  • Steam cooking: it`s a natural way of cooking for any kind of products, from vegetables to desserts, to preserve the nutritional and organoleptic properties of ingredients. Ideal for cooking without fat, to heat up food without drying. Steam is ideal for simultaneous cooking of mealsthat require different cooking times. Stoom
  • Fan combined with traditional cooking, where heat is generated from above and below, provides uniform heat. Adding the steam function allows the same cooking results in less time. Stoom + onder-en bovenwarmte + ventilator
  • Circulaire element with steam: Cooking with the simultaneous use of the circular heating element in combination with fan and steam supply. Stoom + circulaire + ventilator
  • Circulaire + onderwarmte
  • ???FUN_SOUS_VIDE_72dpi??? Sous-vide
Andere stoomfuncties
  • To guarantee the optimal functioning of the appliance, it is suggested to carry out the tank cleaning roughly once every 2-3 months. Reiniging reservoir
  • FUN_STEAM_OTHER_WATER_IN_OUT_72dpi Water afvoer
  • FUN_STEAM_OTHER_WATER_IN_OUT_72dpi Water toevoer
  • Descaling function: Is essential to remove excess deposits of limestone in the tank and allow the proper operation of the product. The need to perform this operation is signaled by the product itself. Ontkalking
Bereidingsfuncties met microgolven
  • Microwave: Penetrating straight into the food, microwaves cook very quickly and with considerable energy savings. Suitable for cooking without fat, they are also able to thaw and heat food without altering its original appearance and aroma. The microwave function can also be combined with conventional functions with all the resulting advantages. Ideal for all types of food. Microgolfoven
  • Fan combined with traditional cooking, where heat is generated from above and below, provides uniform heat. Adding the microwave function allows the same cooking results in less time. Microgolf + boven- en onderwarmte + ventilator
  • Cooking with the simultaneous use of the heating element in combinationwith fan and microwave supply. Microgolf + circulaire + ventilator
  • Microwave + grill element: The use of the grill results in a perfect browning of the surface of the food. The action of microwaves allows instead of cooking in a short time the internal part of the food. Microgolf + grill
  • Microgolf + Circulaire + Onderwarmte
Overige functies
  • Defrost by time: with this function the time of thawing of foods are determined automatically. Ontdooien op tijd
  • Defrost by weight: With this function the defrosting time is determined Ontdooien op gewicht
  • Air at 40°C provides the perfect environment forproving yeast type dough mixes.Simply select the function and place dough in thecavity for allotted Rijzen
  • ???STONE_72dpi??? Stone cooking
  • ???BBQ_72dpi??? BBQ
  • ???FRY_72dpi??? Air-Fry
  • ... Warmhouden
  • Warming up: An option for dish warming and keeping the prepared meals hot. Bordenwarmfunctie
  • Sabbath: This function allows you to cook food during the Sabbath, the Holiday of rest in the Jewish religion, respecting the precepts. The oven works Sabbath
  • Vapor Clean: a simple cleaning function using steam to loosen deposits in the oven cavity. Vapor Clean reiniging


Display: Ja
Bediening: Geavanceerde touch display


KEEP_WARM_72dpi Automatic lighting switches off: for greater energy savings, the lighting switches off automatically after one minute from the start of cooking. Smart Cooking System: for the perfect cooking it is simply necessary choosing the kind and the weight of food and the cooking temperature: any other setting will be established automatically. ???DELTAT_72dpi??? Child lock: some models are fitted with a device to lock the programme/cycle so it cannot be accidentally changed. Touch guide: By holding down any symbol for 3 seconds you can get information on its function Step cooking: It is possible to set up to 3 cooking phases in the same recipe by varying function, time and / or temperature. At the end of a phase the next one will start automatically Rapid preheat: The rapid preheat function can be used to reach the selected temperature in just a few minutes. ???SAMETIME_72dpi??? ... Cooking with temperature probe:It is possible to display the temperature detected by the probe and set a target temperature that the dish must reach.When the core of the dish reaches the desired temperature, cooking stops
Tijdsinstelling: Automatische in- en uitschakeling
Timer: Ja
Timer: 3
Showroom demo optie: Ja
Snelgids: Ja
Snel voorverwarmen: Ja
Begeleide demo functie: Ja
Instant GO: Ja
Smart cooking: Ja
DeltaT cooking: Yes
Kinderbeveiliging: Ja
Multi-step cooking: Tot 3 stappen instelbaar
Same Time cooking: Ja
Koken met temperatuursonde: Ja
Chronologie: Ja, de 10 laatst gebruikte functies
Andere opties: Warmhoudfunctie, Eco light, Taalinstelling, Weergave digitale klok, Geluiden, Volume geluiden, Helderheid

Technische specificaties

Fresh Touch: Most of Smeg ovens have a Electronic control: Allows you to maintain temperature inside the oven with the precision 2-3 ° C. This enables to cook meals that are very sensitive to temperature changes, such as cakes, souffles, puddings. All glass inner door: All glass inner door, a single flat surface which is simple to keep clean. ???INVERTER_72dpi??? ???STIRRER_72dpi??? Quadruple glazed: Number of glazed doors. ???CARICO_ACQUA_Fillhide2_72dpi??? ???CHIMNEY_72dpi??? Enamel interior: The enamel interior of all Smeg ovens have a special antacid lining which helps keep the interior clean by reducing the amount of cooking grease adhering to it. Soft close: all models are equipped with advanced function of smooth closing of the door, which allows the device to close smoothly and quietly. The oven cavity has 5 different cooking levels. ... ???LIGHT_TYPE1__multi_LED_72dpi???
Display: VivoScreen max
Display: Touch display
Temperatuurcontrole: Elektronisch
Minimum temperatuur: 30 °C
Maximum temperatuur: 250 °C
Materiaal ovenruimte: Ever Clean emaille
Aantal kookniveaus: 5
Type rekken: Metalen zijsteunen
Dubbele ventilator: 1
Aantal lampen: 2
Type lamp: multilevel LED
Vermogen lamp: 5 W
Verlichting bij opening deur: Ja
Effectief vermogen microgolf: 900 W
Opening deur: Standaard opening
Deur: Koud
Volledig glazen binnendeur: Ja
Totaal aantal ruiten: 4
Inverter technologie: Ja
Stirrer: Ja
Soft open & close scharnieren: Yes
Soft Close scharnieren: Ja
Chimney: Double
Veiligheidsthermostaat: Ja
Koelsysteem: Centrifugal
Water toevoer: Automatische Fill & Hide
Capaciteit reservoir: 2 l
Warmte onderbroken bij openen deur: Ja
Onderwarmte - vermogen: 1200 W
Bovenwarmte - vermogen: 1000 W
Grill - vermogen: 1700 W
Grote vlakgrill - vermogen: 2700 W
Circulatie - vermogen: 2000 W

Prestaties / energielabel

Netto volume: 68 l

Elektrische aansluiting

Spanning: 220-240 V
Nominale aansluitwaarde: 3000 W
Frequentie: 50/60 Hz
Lengte voedingskabel: 115 cm

Logistieke informatie

Afmetingen van het product hxbxd (mm): 592x597x548
Netto gewicht: 49.600 kg
Bruto gewicht (kg): 53.400 kg

Technische fiche




Technische fiche